When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3

Ready for Easter?

Here’s what Easter may look like for many dedicated Christian families. Spring is always a very busy time of year, with spring cleaning, tax returns, school, and a million other things. You’d go to church and serve there in a variety of ways. But more often than not, Easter sneaks up on you. Palm Sunday? Oh, yes, it’s Palm Sunday! Perhaps the pastor preaches a sermon on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where an excited crowd waves palm branches, and everyone in the... Read More

Jesus in the News Again

With the forthcoming publication of Bart Ehrman’s book How Jesus Became God and the response How God Became Jesus by a team of scholars, Jesus will be in the news again. That’s a very good thing. It’s also terrific that scholars are rising to the challenge of responding to the skeptical questions raised by the likes of Ehrman. But at a deeper level, what is needed is to equip high school students and young college students, as well as their parents and youth leaders, to know what the... Read More

Lion & Lamb Giveaway Winners

Thanks to all who entered The Lion and the Lamb giveaway, as well as to B&H Academic for sponsoring the event! We pray that this book will serve as a helpful tool to advance God’s kingdom in your personal study, preaching, or in whichever way God sees fit. Whether ending up in an office, library, or the back seat of a car, we hope that this book will serve to bring glory to God. What a blessing God has granted to our ministry to be able to give away ten copies to Daniel Ashworth,... Read More

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