When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3

Does the Bible Ever Get it Wrong?

My years as a Ph.D. student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School were certainly a very mind-stretching experience. I took classes with D. A. Carson on the use of the OT in the NT, with Doug Moo on the Second Temple period and on the Septuagint, with Grant Osborne on apocalyptic literature, and many more. In these classes, I came to realize that many issues in NT studies are considerably more complex than the average person realizes. In fact, becoming aware of some of these issues can be... Read More

What Is God’s Gendered Design?

Margaret and Andreas Kostenberger recently fielded questions addressed to them by Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition regarding their new book God’s Design for Man and Woman. Here is an excerpt of their interview: In the book you survey the Bible’s theology of man and woman. What do you understand God’s design for man and woman to be? In our biblical-theological survey from Genesis to Revelation we identify a pervasive pattern of male leadership as well as a pattern of male-female... Read More

God’s Design for Man and Woman Book Giveaway Winners

We’re excited to announce that Biblical Foundations is giving away 10 copies of God’s Design for Man and Woman to Todd Brandt, Jefferee Coe, Kevin Fiske, Abbey Gale, Rondi Guess, Ellen Habeck, Jan Henzel, Steven Meister, Dave Mitchell, and Tim Pattison. We ask that the winners email their name and mailing address to support@biblicalfoundations.org (from the email address used when entering) within a week of this post. For those who didn’t win this time, we hope you’ll still be... Read More

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