When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3

God’s Design for Man and Woman Book Giveaway Winners

We’re excited to announce that Biblical Foundations is giving away 10 copies of God’s Design for Man and Woman to Todd Brandt, Jefferee Coe, Kevin Fiske, Abbey Gale, Rondi Guess, Ellen Habeck, Jan Henzel, Steven Meister, Dave Mitchell, and Tim Pattison. We ask that the winners email their name and mailing address to support@biblicalfoundations.org (from the email address used when entering) within a week of this post. For those who didn’t win this time, we hope you’ll still be... Read More

God’s Design for Man and Woman Interview

The following interview with Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger, coauthors of God’s Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey, addresses various questions about why they wrote the book, what scripture says about biblical manhood and womanhood, and gives practical solutions for applying the biblical teaching to every day life.   Why did you write God’s Design for Man and Woman? Because it is sorely needed in our judgment and because there is no other book to our knowledge... Read More

Does the Bible Reflect a Patriarchal Bias?

For many decades, feminists have characterized the Old Testament’s teaching on gender roles in terms of patriarchy, the control and domination of the father in exercising an authoritative, if not oppressive or even abusive, rule over his wife and family. What is more, feminists have often alleged that the Bible is laced with a patriarchal bias that they must “uncover” by a hermeneutic of suspicion and correct with a sort of “affirmative action” through which women’s rightful place... Read More

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