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We are called to excellence in all aspects of our lives and activities, and not least in our character. Andreas Köstenberger summons all Christians, and especially aspiring pastors, scholars, and teachers, to a life of virtue lived out in excellence.

Köstenberger moves through Christian virtues chapter by chapter, outlining the Bibles teaching and showing how Christ-dependent excellence in each area will have a profound impact on ones ministry and scholarship. Virtues covered include grace, courage, integrity, creativity, eloquence, humility, diligence, and service.

This unique book is an important character check for all Christians engaged in teaching and ministry, and especially for those in training. Köstenbergers thoughtful volume will be a valuable touchstone for readers, for ones character is a critical matter in both scholarship and ministry.

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  1. […] this work is relevant to all […]

  2. […] My copy of Excellence is pock-marked with exclamation points, cheers, and penciled shouts of glee. […]

  3. […] the persevering reader will be rewarded greatly. […]

  4. […] I especially recommend it to seminary students and other Christians involved in theological and/or biblical studies. This book is full of practical, biblical, and wise advice for the Christian scholar. If you want to learn more about glorifying God in your studies, get this book! […]

  5. […] I can’t think of any Christian who would not benefit from reading this book. […]

  6. […] There have been so many books that I was encouraged to read because they were popular, didn’t relate to at all, and immediately forgot. This is the book I didn’t know I needed. It will change the way I live my life and carry out the vocation that God gave me. […] This book has so much more than I ever expected when I ordered it. […] Rarely in my life have I read a book that I knew would change the way I live my life, but this is one of those books. […]

  7. […] Andreas Kostenberger has given the church a valuable resource in his newest book, Excellence. […] this book is well-written and motivating for all believers in all fields. […]

  8. […] Excellence is a book that has made a deep impact on me for a variety of reasons […] Excellence is one of the finest books I have read in a long time. I recommend you pick it up and learn how to excel in whatever the Lord has called you to do. […]

  9. […] Yes, this is excellant for seminary students and for those in Christian vocations […] However, it is also a valuable book for those of us who are certainly not scholars. We also should pursue excellance in our vocations, our morality, and our relationships. […]

  10. […] Wow, what a book! Well written, engaging, challenging….. thoroughly enjoyable. While written for a “scholar” or those in the vocation that encourages scholarship, his challenge and discussion on virtues is quite challenging. […] There’s so many great things in this book , excellently written and quite insightful. I highly recommend it. […]

  11. […] After finishing Excellence: The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholary Virtue by Andreas Kostenberger, I am still awestruck by the way Dr. Kostenberger brought to bear the twin ideas of excellence being found in God and basing our scholarly virtues on Him. […]

  12. Andreas Köstenberger, who has a distinguished career in the world of scholarship, addresses a topic few have had courage to tackle in a kind-spirited tone—namely, the practical application of intellectual virtues in scholarship. Grounded in the biblical text and balanced by the realities of life, this clear, concise, compelling, and convicting work points the scholar to the more excellent way, where conduct in scholarship weighs as important as the content of scholarship. For those who long to see Christian graces and civility permeate the world of scholarship, this book deserves careful attention. It is not to be read and then left on the shelf, but taken to heart.

  13. Excellence is a lofty challenge and is most often measured in our culture by personal or financial gain. Dr. Köstenberger has given us a much-needed biblical and theological perspective on excellence, centered in the very character and works of God. The journey of excellence begins with God and is lived out in us in our own spiritual growth and development. This message has been a fresh reminder to me that I have no choice but to pursue excellence in all areas of my life because of the grace given to me in Christ.

  14. Sadly, Christian scholarship often has more prima donnas than the New York ballet and more mediocrity than a Cuban car-making factory! In an age when scholars sometimes think of themselves as celebrities rather than as servants of the church, along comes Andreas Köstenberger with a great book on the virtues of the Christian academic. Köstenberger provides engaging reflections on how to turn your utmost scholarship to the highest ends of all: the glory of God. In this slim book, Köstenberger provides us with a pathway on how to cultivate the great virtues in the life of the Christian scholar. It is rebuking, moving, and inspiring!

  15. Here is an excellent, searching, full-length study on the moral and spiritual requirements of being a professional, evangelical, biblical scholar. This book will do great good to those of us who ply this trade.

  16. […] Yesterday I picked up a copy of Andreas Köstenberger’s new book, Excellence: The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholarly Virtue. […]

  17. […] This was my first book of 2012 to read through and I think it is going to be hard to find another book this year that will be able to top it as the Most Important Book that I read for 2012. […]

  18. […] This is a timely book about how those of us who are Christians as well as scholars can engage in our mental and professional disciplines with the full fidelity and virtue of our faith. […]

  19. […] Köstenberger’s work offers young scholars—and older ones—the opportunity to think through just what it means to be a committed, believing evangelical Christian called to scholarship in some way, whether as pastor or teacher. […]A topic generally passed over despite its centrality, here treated with care and the wisdom that comes from years of experience, make this book one every scholar should buy and work through thoughtfully. […] Take up and read! […]

  20. […] Andreas Köstenberger’s latest book is Excellence: The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholarly Virtue (Crossway, 2011), on the pursuit of excellence in Christian scholarship and in all aspects of the Christian life. […]

  21. […] I have been reading a lot of Andreas Kostenberger lately. I am very impressed by his heart for God and precise scholarship. His latest work, Excellence: The Character of God and the Portrait of Scholarly Virtue is a fine addition to his growing body of Christian writing. […] No stone is unturned in this superb work. Excellence should be required reading for every Christian student entering the University or Seminary. It strikes the necessary balance and clearly outlines the kind of personal godliness and scholarship that is mandated in Scripture. Excellence is a much needed tonic in an age characterized by slopping thinking and shoddy work habits. It is sure to make a difference in the life of anyone who has the courage to read it. […]

  22. AS the church librarian I will promote this book to the congregation. Christ-like character is the core to every believer’s life and it’s the focus of our library.

  23. […] This book surprised me on its applicability and its readability. The first part of the introduction is worth price of the book. […] Dr. K doesn’t start with excellence because he is brilliant. He starts with excellence because that is how God does all things. […] its lessons can be applied to everyone. Whether you are a homemaker, a writer, a banker, or nanny…whatever your job or call in life – do it with excellence. […]

  24. […] Andreas Köstenberger has been a colleague of mine for a decade now. He is the author of scores of books and articles, the number of which perhaps exceeds the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. His most recent book (I think he averages a book per week), Excellence, is a powerful and elegant little volume arguing that God is excellent in every way, and that he is the fountainhead of excellence, and that we as scholars ought to participate in his excellence by doing our work with excellence. […]

  25. […] For many evangelicals, such insights will be extremely helpful […]

  26. […] I am now taking Excellence: The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholarly Virtue by Andreas Kostenberger everywhere I go. […]

  27. […] I highly recommend Excellence to my colleagues in the Southern Baptist and evangelical academies, though I especially hope current collegians and seminarians who are contemplating research doctoral studies will give this book a close reading. It would also make a great textbook for courses related to the nature of Christian scholarship or the integration of faith and learning. […]


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