Invitation to Biblical Interpretation Book Giveaway

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Biblical Foundations will be giving away some free copies of Dr. Kostenberger’s book, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation. To register for this book giveaway, simply use the comment field below to enter your name, email address, and a brief explanation of how you will use the book in ministry or otherwise. Whether you want this book for pleasure reading, need it for a class, or just want an extra book on the bookshelf, be sure to enter this giveaway! The retail price for this book is $46.99 and it costs around $30.00 on Amazon and its other competitors. “Like” our Facebook page, follow Dr. Kostenberger on Twitter, and +1 us on Google+ for a better chance to win. The deadline is December 1st, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST; winners will be announced shortly after that. Please do not register more than once. Questions? Please comment below or contact us.


  1. It would be a blessing to use this book as one of my primary tools in teaching at Seminary.

  2. I will be using the book in my seminary university school to prepare leaders.

  3. I would like to use this book for adult faith ministry in my parish.

  4. I am a masters student at Tozer Seminary and the book will help me greatly in my studies.

  5. I would use the book to learn how to understand the word go God so I can grow in my faith and help others to come to the faith. The word of God has the power to change hearts and minds. Understanding the mind of God has the power to change lives. I minister in our RCIA program at church. Helping new members understand how to interpret God’s Word helps them understand their new faith.

  6. I am always looking for resources to help teach my family.

  7. This would be a wonderful nice present for my pastor if he doesn’t have any, or I can put that in church’s library, and we all can use it for His Glory and learn a lot from it.

  8. As a young missionary in Romania, I will use this book to help me study for sermons and Bible studies in order to better equip the Romanians I daily work with.

  9. Books are the Christian leaders tools of the trade. I want to have the best tools in my belt possible as I seek to effective communicate The Gospel to everyone He places in my path.

  10. I first learned about this volume a few months ago from some guys over at The Gospel Coalition, I read the blurb on it, and then the endorsements and knew this would be a massive help to me since I occasionally help with leading bible studies with the community groups from my church. What an incredible work it is.

  11. Being a new pastor I plan on using this book to help me in my preaching.

  12. I am interested sharpening my saw in order to sharpen others.

  13. I always need to sharpen my hermeneutical skills!

  14. I’m currently writing resource material for a new distance internship programme. This material would be so helpful!

  15. This would help me in my preaching to better understand how to legitimately interpret and apply texts.

  16. I desire to learn how to better interpret God’s word to help in my bible studies with my Spanish speaking brother and sisters.

  17. I’m a recent seminary grad (LBTS) serving as a pastor in SLC and considering PhD studies at GGBTS. I’d use this book as another tool to help teach others in SLC, on, and for a podcast I host called Salty Believer Unscripted.

  18. I’d love to read it! Help keep my preachers honest to the text.

  19. I recently completed seminary at SBTS. I have just moved to a new church to be a full time youth minister. I am now considering where to begin studying on my own and I think this would be a great resource. Thanks

  20. My wife and I are missionaries in Ecuador, and we don’t have the benefit of a thriving local church or English speaking pastor where we are. Having this book would provide the guidance we need to responsibly interpret the Word of God and fill in the gaps from lacking a church family.

  21. As a new pastor, I would use this book to help me to develop a better approach to interpreting the scriptures and teach my people how to do the same.

  22. I will use this as a resource to help me interpret Scripture more responsibly!! And then I will share what I have learned with others!

  23. I could use this book to help improve my teaching and in my studies @ SEBTS

  24. I would use this book for my seminary studies, but also it would be a great resource for preaching!

  25. All the communication acumen in the world is worth nothing without strong interpretation. My weakest point is the latter. Learning from one of the great interpreters of our generation will help.

  26. I would like to learn more so i can apply it in disciplining others.

  27. Definitely looking to becoming more faithful and responsible in handling the Word.

  28. I would love to use this book for my 11th and 12th grade sunday school class, as well as for my personal reading.

  29. I would love to use this to improve as I teach and preach.

  30. To better understand Scripture in order to make the Bible as accessible and understandable to fellow saints as possible.

  31. I am a Bible teacher and I would use it as a guide to teach my high school students.

  32. I would use this book to become more effective in my preaching preparation and depth of knowledge.

  33. I’m currently in seminary and would like to be a pastor one day back in Hawaii. I would use this book to better understand how to handle God’s Word and thus by God’s grace lead people to believe in Jesus and become more like Him.

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