Biblical Foundations: Retrospect & Prospect 2012

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Recent events have made it more clear than ever that the whole world needs to rest on biblical foundations. The social fabric of our nation is rapidly unraveling, and nothing short of a return to biblical foundations and a major spiritual revival will stop the bleeding. In pursuit of the mission of Biblical Foundations – to help return the family, the church, and society to biblical foundations – Dr. Köstenberger published three major books in 2012:

In February, Dr. Köstenberger and his wife Marny led a marriage seminar at Fellowship Raleigh in downtown Raleigh, NC. In March, Dr. Köstenberger served as a plenary speaker at the ETS southwest and southeast regional meetings in Fort Worth, TX and Wake Forest, NC, speaking on the topic “The Present and Future of Biblical Theology.” To view the revised version that was published in the journal Themelios, click here.

Another important field at the core of the mission of Biblical Foundations is biblical interpretation. The book Invitation to Biblical Interpretation was featured in a joint session with Drs. Grant R. Osborne and Kevin J. Vanhoozer at the 2012 annual ETS meeting. The session was very cordial and the responses excellent. Kregel also released chapter 13 of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation as an e-book with the title, Twelve Rules for Understanding Biblical Words, with plans for further releases.

Biblical Foundations now has a presence in social media. Dr. Kostenberger regularly tweets on current events, new publications, and interact with others in the field. Biblical Foundations is also on Facebook, documenting speaking engagements and spreading the news about Biblical Foundations. We are also on Google+ with relevant quotes, pictures from events, and other helpful information. The website was completely redesigned at the beginning of the year, with many new resources added.

This year we are looking forward to the publication of the second edition of Encountering John, an accessible survey of the message of John’s Gospel, with Baker Academic. Dr. Köstenberger and his wife are also working on a book on biblical manhood and womanhood, which will be published by Crossway Books in 2014. Speaking engagements will take the mission of Biblical Foundations to West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and other locations. We want to thank you very much for your loyal support and partnership in helping the whole world rest on biblical foundations.

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