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Urgent Priority: Studying God’s Word

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In 2 Timothy 2:15, the apostle Paul writes to young Timothy, “Study to show yourself approved, handling accurately the word of truth.” Other translations vary, rendering the Greek term underlying “Study” as “Be diligent” or the like. However, in the original Greek, the force of the expression conveys great urgency. Used literally, the word means “Hurry!” as when Paul tells Timothy later in the letter to hurry to come to him before winter. Thus the apostle conveyed a great sense of urgency and intensity when calling on Timothy to study God’s word. “Be intense,” “Make it... Read More

Excellent Tool for Serious Bible Students

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In most areas of scholarship, and biblical research is no exception, engaging the primary sources is exceedingly important. There is no substitute for interacting directly with the text of the Bible and contemporaneous literature in the original languages. I have found that Logos Bible Software, and Logos 6.0 in particular, is an excellent tool for doing careful original language work. I recently finished teaching a Ph.D. seminar on Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We spent our semester analyzing the New Testament use of the Old Testament. Over the course of 14... Read More

How Should You Apply Scripture?

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So you have followed the first two steps in interpretation, “Observation” and “Interpretation.” You have sought to determine what the text “meant” in its original context, to its original readers, as intended by the original author, exploring what some call the “first horizon” of biblical interpretation. You have studied difficult words, outlined your passage as part of your thought flow analysis, and looked at historical-cultural background issues. You have approached the task of interpretation prayerfully and laid aside your own presuppositions (by an act some call... Read More