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Marriage and the Family

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Marriage and the Family
The recent rulings on gay marriage and debates on family-related issues have placed the topics of marriage and family at the forefront of the public eye more sothan at any point in history. Western civilization is confronted with the need to define the meaning of the terms marriage and family. Professor Andreas Köstenberger and ethics expert David Jones have composed this popular-level book to speak to the issues at hand and point to the fundamental solution: a return to the biblical foundation of marriage and the family. Presenting a Christian theology of marriage and parenting, they... Read More

David Instone-Brewer Responds

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NOTE: Time has picked up on this debate (HT: Justin Taylor) David Instone-Brewer took the time to respond to my previous post on divorce and remarriage. In the response he clarifies some misunderstandings connected with his CT article. His response is below: Dear Andreas Thank you for interacting with my work at such length and with such evident understanding of my arguments. I share your main problem with my CT article, which is that some people who are not familiar with my work might conclude that I’m advocating divorce for minor reasons. My actual conclusions are closer to yours –... Read More

Q & A on Divorce and Remarriage

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Thank you very much for your comments on my previous post on the CT article by David Instone-Brewer and the response by John Piper. In light of the many excellent questions and comments, I decided to follow up with another post responding to comments made both on Justin Taylor’s blog and on this one. I certainly don’t expect to convert everyone to my view, but hopefully my comments will clarify some of the things I left unaddressed in my previous post. Again, please remember that much of this is addressed more fully in Chapter 11 of God, Marriage & Family. Also, my first post here at... Read More

Clarifying the NT Teaching on Divorce

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The Book of Proverbs wisely counsels, “Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own” (Prov 26:17). For this reason (if no other) I am reluctant to enter into the fray by offering some reflections of my own on the recent interchange between David Instone-Brewer and John Piper (or, more accurately put, on Instone-Brewer’s CT article and Piper’s response to it on his blog). Yet with some trepidation I will do so nonetheless, not in order to engage directly with one or the other of these individuals (both of whom I know personally and... Read More

Divorce and Remarriage

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The book of Genesis speaks of the man leaving his father and mother and being united to his wife, and they will become one flesh (Gen. 2:24). When asked about divorce (Matt. 19:3), Jesus cited this passage and commented, “So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matt. 19:6). The sad reality, however, is that sexual immorality does occur, and Jesus acknowledged that adultery comes between the marriage partners (the so-called “exception clause,” Matt. 19:9; cf. 5:32). Not as a command, but as a concession, Jesus permitted divorce,... Read More