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Best of 2014

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I am grateful for the publication of several volumes in 2014 that will equip serious exegetes and preachers to study and proclaim God’s word with greater accuracy and authority. This pertains particularly to the study of Acts, Galatians, 1-2 Thessalonians, and 1 Peter. Other important books pertain to the divinity of Jesus, church leadership, and heaven. In the interest of full disclosure, while no books I authored are included, there are several books to which I contributed an essay (6, 7) or which I edited (2, 4). 1. New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis. 5... Read More

What Is God’s Gendered Design?

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Margaret and Andreas Kostenberger recently fielded questions addressed to them by Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition regarding their new book God’s Design for Man and Woman. Here is an excerpt of their interview: In the book you survey the Bible’s theology of man and woman. What do you understand God’s design for man and woman to be? In our biblical-theological survey from Genesis to Revelation we identify a pervasive pattern of male leadership as well as a pattern of male-female partnership. Far from flowing from a few isolated, debated passages, the pattern of male leadership... Read More

Best of 2013

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Christmas is only a couple weeks away, which means it’s time once again for the best books in Bible and theology published this year. The list is inevitably subjective, and in many cases unsurprising, as certain books commend themselves by their self-evident quality and the scholarly stature of their authors. Needless to say, listing a book doesn’t mean I endorse all of its contents (in some cases, I haven’t even read the entire book yet!). With this in mind, then, are my top 10 books of 2013: 1. William Baird, History of New Testament Research, vol. 3: From C. H. Dodd to Hans Dieter... Read More

Paul as Interpreter of Israel’s Scripture

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As part of my role as Director of Ph.D. Studies at Southeastern Seminary, I welcomed Dr. Richard Hays to the campus. Professor Hays is a prolific scholar in the field of NT studies, Jesus studies, Pauline studies, and Christian ethics, to name but a few. He is widely known for his book The Moral Vision of the New Testament, in my view the finest book on the subject, and for his two works on the use of the Old Testament in the New, Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul (1989) and The Conversion of the Imagination (2005). The following is an excerpt from my remarks introducing Dr. Hays... Read More

Who Wrote the Pastorals?

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The authenticity of Paul’s correspondence with Timothy and Titus went unchallenged until the nineteenth century. Since then, more and more commentators have alleged that the Pastoral Epistles are an instance of pseudonymous writing (pseudo = false; -nymous = name) in which a later follower attributes his own work to his revered teacher in order to perpetuate that person’s teaching and influence. Richard Bauckham, for example, one of the major biblical scholars and historians of our day, believes that the author of the Pastorals “has thought himself into situations in Paul’s ministry... Read More