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Best of 2010

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Publishers and authors have been at it again, and 2010 was a rich year for serious academic publishing in biblical and theological studies. As a matter of fact, I have made a tiny contribution to the deluge of materials myself by releasing The Heresy of Orthodoxy (Crossway, co-authored with Michael Kruger), the second edition of God, Marriage & Family (Crossway, with David Jones), and Entrusted with the Gospel (B&H Academic, co-edited with Terry Wilder), along with several smaller essays. That said, here is my list of “The Best of 2010.” Disclaimer: I haven’t read all these... Read More

Jesus and Politics

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As Mike Huckabee said a while back, “Jesus was way too smart to run for political office.” Isn’t that the truth. One certainly sympathizes with the candidates having to reinvent themselves about once every few days to appeal to different constituencies of voters. Indeed, Jesus didn’t run for political office. In fact, he said that his kingdom was not of this world. This doesn’t mean he was so otherworldly that he was of no earthly good. To the contrary, he was well aware of people’s anxieties and preoccupation with existential necessities. He was critical of those who hoarded... Read More

Do Jews Need to Be Perfected?

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A while back, Ann Coulter said on a television program that Jews need to be “perfected,” with reference to the teaching of the Old and New Testament. Her talk show host promptly declared himself “offended,” and later Joe Scarborough, on his show, countered Coulter, saying to his “panel of experts” that “nowhere in the New Testament” did he find the teaching she was talking about. Instead, people would be judged on the basis of whether they fed the hungry, helped the sick, and visited those in prison. He also said we should not judge other people. I know when I’m out of my... Read More