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The Church, Academy, and Calling

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Josh Mann with “for the Sake of Truth” recently interviewed Dr. Kostenberger on “The Church, Academy, and Calling.” Here is the interview below. How would you describe the relationship between your “scholarly” endeavors and your involvement in the ministry of the local church? Being involved in the local church has become increasingly important to me. Teaching a group of people of various ages and backgrounds at my church keeps pushing me to present the teachings of Scripture in a way that is relevant and understandable. This past Sunday, for example, I was... Read More

Got Excellence?

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[NOTE: This devotional was originally given at the 2012 Southeast ETS regional meeting.] My topic for our devotional today is excellence: excellence in general and scholarly excellence in particular. Some of you may have seen my recent book on the subject, Excellence: The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholarly Virtue, so I’ve recently had the chance to reflect extensively on the subject and would like to share some of the insights I gained from my study with you. My hope is that by looking at what Scripture has to do say about our need to pursue excellence we will be challenged and... Read More

The Future of Evangelical Scholarship

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Who is setting the agenda for evangelical scholarship? Too often, it is non-evangelical scholars. Recent examples include Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus and his other writings on early Christianity as well as the ubiquitous Da Vinci Code, which have generated a whole swath of evangelical responses. But are evangelicals forever doomed to take their cue from those outside their movement and to busy themselves with responding to the works of others? I recently had the opportunity to reflect on issues such as these when I was asked to represent the field of New Testament in a panel discussion... Read More