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Writing Tips: What Works?

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I love writing. Sometimes people ask me for suggestions on how to find time to write and how to be productive. Here are a few suggestions: (1) Be disciplined: Grind it out. Germans call this Sitzfleisch (essentially, the ability to stay seated and not to get up until a given task is accomplished). (2) Be flexible: Make a plan. Then get it done in whichever way possible. If you can’t get it done in the morning, don’t go to bed until you got it done whenever you can. (3) Be committed: Keep your writing commitments. Accountability is key. Writing never just happens. It takes... Read More

The 7 W’s of Writing

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I just finished teaching a seminar, Introduction to Research, to first-year doctoral students in my role as Ph.D. Director at Southeastern Seminary. You may enjoy a brief snippet from this two-day seminar in which I shared some random reflections on the seven W’s of writing. 1. Who? Who are you? Are you writing self-consciously and professedly as a believer? Or are you writing covertly, in a chameleon-like fashion taking on the color of your environment? To other believers, you use fervent Christian language; to critical scholars, you hide behind scholarly jargon? Who you are is a function... Read More

Why Blog?

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There are many reasons why someone might blog. Here are the three major reasons why I do: To disseminate biblical truth in a digestible format. While I have written at length on various subjects, I suspect many will find it helpful to have a brief summary of, say, an interpretation of a difficult biblical passage rather than a lengthy technical argument (case in point: 1 Tim. 2:15). Of course, if after reading the blog, you want more, you can always go and check out the fuller treatment. To dialogue with others interested in biblical interpretation, biblical theology, biblical languages,... Read More