The Present and Future of Biblical Theology

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In his influential address, “Discourse on the Proper Distinction between Biblical and Dogmatic Theology, and the Right Determination of the Aims of Each,” Johann Philipp Gabler (1753–1826) lodged the programmatic proposal that scholars ought to distinguish between biblical and systematic theology. In his lecture, delivered at the University of Altdorf in 1787 (the year the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia), Gabler urged his colleagues to place their theological edifice more overtly on a scriptural foundation: “There is truly a biblical theology, of historical origin, conveying what the holy writers felt about divine matters.” Gabler claimed that a biblical theology conceived along these lines would provide the historical and rational scientific framework enabling systematic theology to relate biblical truths to contemporary life and thought. …

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  1. I appreciate any information on resources on Hermeneutics. I am presently enrolled in Dr. Aiken’s class on Hermeneutics at Southeastern and we use Dr. Kostenberger’s text: “Invitation to Hermeneutics” as well as other sources and commentaries. It is one of the most informational and well organized text that I have seen. Upon orientation I was given his book on Marriage. Also, I possess his commentary on John. I learned to use the Hermeneutical Triad in my exegesis. I am more confident in my ability to exegete Scripture. I also find it useful to utilize Dr.Aiken’s triad on exegesis which perceives the biblical text on a micro level.

  2. I live in Denmark and hope you can help.

    I found Codex Sinaiticus on the net shortly after it was released, and was hooked at once I also have and compare these with the Danish and English Bibles and Strongs. I use my knowledge in debates often “against” “jehovah’s witnesses” – I have a problem with some NT scriptures, Greek/English
    I have now sent 8 mails once at a time, waiting two weeks and send to a new experts/Scholar’s without any luck, and would hear if you could help me possibly just by telling me where I can ask.


    Erik Piculell

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